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WHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!! I had almost choked to death on msn and yahoo. Like we're talking Microsoft here, you know, the ones who sell the world's most popular operating system? Bill Gates has lost the plot, Vista is rubbish and so is msn messenger. And Yahoo!!! What a joke! After all the hype and promotion, Yahoo is only about spying. When you download the IM, even if you uncheck the choices for toolbars etc, Yahoo just goes ahead and installs them anyway. Thank God for Spybot S&D Tea Timer. CONGRATULATIONS SOFTONIC, at last someone took the time to develop a chat program that QUITE SIMPLY WORKS!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for once a software developer did so with the end user in mind. MORE POWER TO YOU SOFTRONIC!!!

  • Easy to use, smooth video, doesn't hang or constantly drop out, disconnect or otherwise misbehave. In short, can I have a job as an oovoo salesman? kidding.
  • hmmmm... all I can say here is that oovoo is so good that the word will soon be out, and all the msn and yahoo users will flock to this outstanding program, and it worries me that it will become unstable through overcrowding. Please tell me this is not possible.

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08 Aug 2007

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